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The making of the Made 47’03

The shirt was manufactured at CS Garment Inc. in the Cavite Economic Zone (before: Cavite Export Processing Zone), which is the largest free trade zone in the Philippines. The zone is located in Rosario, Cavite and is under administration of the the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) also formerly known as EPZA. CS Garment Inc, is a German owned company which is managed by Claus Sudhoff and his wife Concisa A. Sudhoff, since 1990.

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Mayor Nonong Ricafrente31‘53


Nonong Ricafrente was elected as the Mayor of Rosario in 2007. It is his second period of office. He was already Mayor of Rosario in 1997. At that time Naomi Klein interviewed him for her book NO LOGO. In the video I am talking to him about the issues that were described in NO LOGO and what has changed in Rosario in the passed decade.

Workers Assistance Center, Cecile Tuico 40‘10


Cecile Tuico is the international relations and campaign officer at the Workers Assistance Center in Rosario since 1995. She is giving an overview of the state of the labor rights in the Philippines. She also gives insights into the obstructive methods that the Workers Assistance Center is confronted with from opponents of the labor rights movement. She is internationally active with her organization and she was also interviewed by Naomi Klein for the book NO LOGO.

Zone Coordinator Bobby G. De14’18


Roberto G. de Guzman is the coordinator between the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and the municipality of Rosario. His office is located at the main street right besides the main gate to the Cavite Economic Zone. The Cavite Economic Zone is under the administration of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, which means that the mayor has no direct influence on the situation inside the zone. Roberto G. de Guzman is representing the municipality of Rosario as a contact person for issues relating to the Cavite Economic Zone.

Philippine Economic Zone Authority, Ronilo33‘41


Ronilo P. Nepomuceno is officer-in-charge in the Support Service Department of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority at the Cavite Economic Zone. He gives a formal presentation about the incentives to make business in the Cavite Economic Zone. It explains the free trade regulations regarding wages and taxes, etc.

CS Garment Worker, Karen Gumawa39‘45


Karen Gumawa had been working for CS Garment Inc. for several months. Her fix term contract finished in the week while my shirt was produced. She is explaining about her family situation, her daily routine and her dreams for the future.

CS Garment Workers at homeinfoR3a5

Janeth Alano, Helen Gacoscosim, Nerigga Mascarinas and Janet B. Villanewa are workers at CS Garment. They were involved in the production of the Made in the Philippines shirt. They live just around the corner from the apartment, where I stayed in Tejero.

I was borrowing my camera to them on their rest-day. I explained my project to them and that I am documenting different aspects of the life around the Cavite Economic Zone and that the material will be published on a web-site. I left it up to them, how they would like to present themselves on the Internet to the people who are going to wear the shirt.

PEZA Worker, Joy Oliver44‘59


Joy Oliver worked at different garment factories in PEZA. She is talking about her work experience as an apprentice.

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