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Way To Rosario 07’20

Rosario is located 30 km south of Manila. The video shows the way from Manila to the gate of the Cavite Economic Zone.

Boarding Houses08’50

I stayed for one month in Rosario during the shirt production. The video shows different boarding houses in the neighborhood of the workers that I visited during my search for an accommodation.

Tejeros Convention05‘02

The historical site of the Tejeros Convention was just across the street from my house. The Tejeros Convention was the first presidential election in Philippine history.

Rosario Substation05‘18

The Rosario Substation is located in between my apartment and the Cavite Economic Zone.

Rosario National High School06‘27

The Rosario National High School got a potable water project which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of the Cavite Economic Zone. It is one of the few examples, where the benefits from the Cavite Economic Zone could be identified.

Rosario Plaza02‘10

The Rosario Plaza was newly designed and it is decorated with a fountain now. The people are gathering at the Plaza to watch basket ball games of the local teams or listen to music from the Radio Room. It is one example, how the municipality spends the taxes from the Cavite Economic Zone to improve the urban situation.

Radio Room, Michael Ade Vera10’31

The Radio Room is located on the Rosario Plaza and is operated by Michael Ade Vera.

Dump Site, Divinagracia B. Almoite10‘54

Divinagracia B. Almoite lives along a polluted creek that comes from the Cavite Economic Zone. Her house is adjoined with a dump-site on the back of the free trade zone, which was used by the factories before.

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